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CHF 2'500.-

2h 45min
followed by an aperitif
max. number of students: 30

Inspiration, solution-oriented attitude and creativity are demanded here

Create your own individual workshop, for example as a case study. In your workshop, you can assess students’ potential and provide insight into the style of working at your Company.

Simultaneously, the employer has a chance to get to know the participants more intimately and to assess the candidates’ capabilities in more detail.


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Special Event - Lego Serious Play

1h 45min: CHF 1'000.- | 3h 45min: CHF 2'200.-

1h 45min or 3h 45min
max. number of students: 30 (divided in 2 rooms)

Lego Serious Play (only bookable in combination with a workshop)

Lego Serious Play is a facilitated process that combines the benefits of play and modeling with Lego bricks and the business world. Max 16 Participants individually and collaboratively build their own Lego models in response to your company's questions. These 3D models serve as a basis for discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision making. This method enables the participants to get to know each other in a very personal way in connection with tasks regarding strategy, teamwork, creativity, career path, etc.. Thus, a concrete getting to know takes place on several levels. In addition, we can also accompany your interviews with Lego Serious Play Recruiting.


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CHF 1'200.-

2h 45min
max. number of students: free selectable

Find the perfect candidate for your position

The aim of the interviews is to match your open positions with suitable candidates and/or to learn more about candidates.

We provide you with a room - you decide how you want to use it: to assess candidates or conduct first-round interviews for trainee or junior positions, speed dating with candidates applying for a work experience position or as an opportunity to meet candidates for the first time to show them the various opportunities at your company.


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Company Insight

CHF 1'800.-

followed by an aperitif
max. number of students: 30

Let your brand awarness add up really fast

Take advantage of this session lasting 45 minutes to provide students with invaluable insights into your company and the sector in which you operate.

Describe real examples of your business culture and highlight the attractive career opportunities, you as an employer have to offer.
Round off the session by taking some time to answer questions from your company’s future talents.

The number of participants varies according to the topic/speaker.


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Speed Interviews

CHF 650.-

60 min
max. number of students: 8

Keep it short and sweet

With this module you can interview students within 60 Minutes. Instead of the usual 3-hours-Interviews you can keep it short and interview your top candidates.

  • max. of company representatives are 2
  • 1 room
  • 4 candidates per interviewer à 15 min


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Breakfast & more

CHF 1'200.-*

1h 45min
max. number of students: 15

Get insights and a Croissant

You have the opportunity to start this module with a presentation in a small group of selected students. After the presentation part you will join a breakfast with the same students.

  • max. 15 students
  • 1 presentation room 
  • 1 breakfast room

*Please be aware that there will be additional costs for the breakfast as it is not included in the CHF 1'200.-


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Special Event - Interview in a Car

2 hours: CHF 1'300.- | 4 hours: CHF 2'500.-

2h or 4h
max. number of students: 4 or 8

Interview in a Car

Speed dating or an interview in an unusual environment? At the "Interview in a Car", students and recruiters deliberately do not get to know each other in a corporate environment, but meet in a personal way. During the 30-minute round trip through St. Gallen, an individual conversation takes place. An emotional basis for discussion is already provided by the vehicle and the unusual ambience.


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Social Activity – Escape Room

CHF 1'950.-

max. number of participants: 36 (incl. company representatives)

Creativity and team spirit are needed here

You and a group of students (chosen by you) will visit the Escape Company in the city of St. Gallen, which is known for its unique entertainment program.

In 6 groups of max. 5 students per group (and one company representative per group), you will be sent on different missions. You have to make your way through several rooms within 1 hour by solving different riddles without being given any hint at the beginning of the game.
This session is a great opportunity to get to know the students better by learning more about their creativity, team spirit and performance under time pressure.
Students must apply to attend this evening program – you select which students are most suited for your company and invite them to participate.

The Escape Room is followed by an aperitif or dinner in St. Gallen (not included in the price).
We will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended restaurants and you are responsible for organising and funding your aperitif/dinner event.


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Social Activity - Company Dinner

CHF 850.-

free selectable
max. number of students: free selectable

Interesting conversations during a delicious dinner

This session is designed to create a more exclusive environment by giving you the chance to choose a group of students and invite them to dinner in St. Gallen.

You will have the opportunity to get to know the students better and connect with them on a more personal level in an informal setting. Students are asked to apply to attend your dinner event and you will be able to select the most promising candidates among them.

We will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended restaurants. However, you are responsible for organizing and funding your dinner event.


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