HSG Career Days

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CHF 2'500.-

2h 45min
incl. aperitif
max. number of students: 30

Inspiration, solution-oriented attitude and creativity are demanded here

Create your own individual workshop, for example as a case study. In your workshop, you can assess students’ potential and provide insight into the style of working at your company.

Simultaneously, the employer has a chance to get to know the participants more intimately and to assess the candidates’ capabilities in more detail.


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CHF 1'200.-

2h 45min
max. number of students: free selectable

Find the perfect candidate for your position

The aim of the interviews is to match your open positions with suitable candidates and/or to learn more about candidates.

We provide you with a room - you decide how you want to use it: to assess candidates or conduct first-round interviews for trainee or junior positions, speed dating with candidates applying for a work experience position or as an opportunity to meet candidates for the first time to show them the various opportunities at your company.


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Speed Interviews

CHF 650.-

60 min
max. number of students: 8

Keep it short and simple

Within this hour you can interview students in the most efficient way.

Instead of the usual 3-hours-Interviews you can keep it to the point and interview your top candidates.


  • 2 company representatives
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Candidates per interviewer (15 min each)

The students apply through our platform where you can also directly make the selection. Easy, professional and efficient!

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Company Insight

CHF 1'800.-

followed by an aperitif
max. number of students: 30

Let your brand awarness add up really fast

Take advantage of this 45 minutes session! Provide students with invaluable insights into your company & the sector in which you operate in.

Give real examples of your business culture and highlight the attractive career opportunities at your company. We suggest to have a Q&R session to round the event off. After that quick get together you can take some time to get to know the individual talents during the aperitif which is included in the price!


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HSG Career Days


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